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Zodiacs Who Usually Have Long Engagements


You are a perfectionist, therefore you want every aspect of your wedding to be flawless. 

You don't want to make a decision in a hurry, just to learn that it was the wrong one.


You are one of the most patient zodiac signs. 

There are numerous factors to consider. It is comparable to having a second job.

You will appreciate every moment of your engagement since it feels just as meaningful to you as your wedding day.


Despite the fact that the idea of a wedding delights you, you will do whatever makes the most practical sense

You will likely only get married once, so you should make the most of it.


Hence, you can continue to feel like a lovely bride for as long as possible.

You may have a lengthy engagement, but it doesn't necessarily mean you're planning it the entire time.


You're really busy, so it's possible that you won't visit venues until many months after becoming engaged.

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