Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Cheat

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You may be surprised to learn that Pisces is the sign of the zodiac with the highest likelihood of cheating.


She is ordinarily sensitive and highly emotional, therefore it is natural that she will react to even the slightest mood alteration. 

Geminis are quite needy when it comes to love partners, therefore if you cannot give them constant attention, they will find someone who can.


In terms of unloyal zodiac signs, Gemini is the sign most likely to cheat when his partner is unable to provide him everything he desires. 

One of the key reasons why so many people are scared to date Libras is that they are so skilled at flirting. Perhaps they are correct.


You may believe that once a Libra is in a committed relationship, they will cease flirting, but this is not the case.

In addition to her dramatic personality, Leo has an unquenchable desire to be the center of attention at all times.


If you don't treat her like the queen she believes she is, and especially if she gets the sense that you're ignoring her.

Even if there is no physical contact, some people regard this to be an act of emotional adultery; as a result,


their partner probably wouldn't be too pleased if they found out about this.

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