Which airline is best for your zodiac sign?

Zodiac Signs


ANA, All Nippon Airways, is the best airline to get you to Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore, and more.

TAURUS: Qatar Airways

Qatar's QSuite business class, one of the world's best, proves this! Qatar Airways is a top Middle East, Africa, and Asia airline. Enjoy!

GEMINI: United Airlines

Geminis should fly United Airlines, which has 369 destinations.

CANCER: Delta Airlines

Cancers are curious about local culture and history. They seek protection and kindness. Cancers should fly Delta.

LEO: Iberia Airlines

Leo flies to Spain, the UK, and the Netherlands to embrace their royalty. Iberia, Spain's flag carrier, offers great flights to these places.

VIRGO: Spirit Airlines

Virgos, Earth signs, are practical and frugal. Spirit fits them perfectly. You may enjoy Spirit's low-cost flights.

LIBRA: Scandinavian Airlines

Danish and Norwegian word hygge means "comfortable conviviality" and well-being. Libras should fly Scandinavian.

SCORPIO: British Airways

British Airways serves 200 destinations in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

SAGITTARIUS: Turkish Airlines

Their powerful spirits need knowledge and wisdom. Turkish Airlines' Istanbul hub is ideal for Sagittarians' global trips.

CAPRICORN: American Airlines

American Airlines has one of the world's most flexible schedules, making it the perfect airline for Capricorns.

PISCES: Icelandair

Icelandair will be on their bucket list, and Icelandair is the best way to get there and many other European places.

AQUARIUS: CopaAirlines

CopaAirlines is ideal for the Aquarius, which values service and globalisation.

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