What Zodiac Signs are the Funniest?

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The optimistic Sagittarius may make light of any circumstance. Their genuine strength stems from their combination sense of humour and optimism. 

Gemini is a clever wordsmith with a clever sense of humour. Gemini is the one sign that never runs out of humorous things to say.



This sign will frequently go out of their way to make others laugh, sometimes doing ridiculous (or humiliating) things in the process.


Leo enjoys telling outrageous tales and pulling out all the stops: crazy accents, acting out each role, and exaggerating details for comic effect.


Exuberant and amusing Aries excels with physical humour. Aries employs humour to win people over as a natural leader and to entertain them.


Despite their delicate sense of humour, nobody does sarcasm better than Virgo. 


Scorpio's greatest flaw is their tendency to be a touch harsh with their jokes, especially when taunting others who don't yet fully grasp their sense of humour.


Dreamy Pisces tends to get caught up in the minute aspects of narration and is slow to get to the point, which ultimately undermines the humour.

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