What Will You Do After A Breakup

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You experience intense emotions and suffering, but you would rather seek solace in a daring impediment or insane act.


you want to laugh and cry during a phone conversation or chat with him.


Gemini, you will definitely relocate to a new city or country and do something exciting, such as cutting your hair or adopting a new nickname. 


Cancer By sending your ex some sexy images, you will undoubtedly confuse him or her, and it becomes too dangerous to deal with you. 


Leo, you'll do nearly everything to make your ex believe that you're truly happy without him/her.


Virgo will plan to destroy their ex's life, and the likelihood of this occurring is high. 


Libra won't return your ex's belongings; instead, you'll keep them in your closet and cry in them at midnight while thinking of your ex.


When your ex-partner begins to show interest in someone, you will begin to warn them about what a pig your ex is.


Sagittarius you will never talk about it because you are the one who plays with people’s emotions and always have the fear of commitment. 


You will either make your ex feel guilty about leaving you or you will call your ex’s mom and gain sympathy from her. 


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