Unfaithful Female Zodiac Signs

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Aquarius women are headstrong and defiant. These adulterous ladies are hard to fathom.

1. Aquarius

Aquarius women loved independence and detested authority, which led to adultery. She loves the ideas.


Sagittarian women are outgoing and witty. Talkative ladies. They have charisma, but they seek more attention, which can backfire.

2. Sagittarius

Sagittarius women are perfect for wealthy people who like to relax with a coffee.


Gemini women love gossip. You can't tell if these females will cheat on you anymore. 

3. Gemini

They adore gossip and new thrills and can easily change a humdrum life.


Scorpio women appear compassionate and sensitive. Nevertheless, below that skin, they cheat endlessly.

4. Scorpio

They are just and responsible. She'll support you in tough situations, so you can't tell whether they're cheaters.


Libra is my most disloyal sign. Librarian women consider all glitters gold.

5. Libra

Leo women are the most unfaithful sign following Libra and always seek new partners.

6. Leo

Leo women know their aims well. Leo is a driven go-getter. Leo also wants their lover and family to focus on them.


Aries are single-minded but unfaithful. Aries women are impulsive, thus they cheat often.

7. Aries

Pisces women are the most disloyal but wonderful. Price women are beautiful, creative, romantic, sensitive, and caring.

8. Pisces

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