The Way Zodiac Signs Kiss


You kiss instinctively. You will kiss us in the midst of a busy, crowded city street. You will share a passionate kiss in the middle of the forest.

You have learned the art of the stealthy little kiss, but it is always a pleasant surprise coming from an Aries.


You are also a twin, which makes you an incredibly multifaceted kisser.

The only difficulty you encounter is when you are kissing someone who cannot keep up with your fast tempo changes.

Your kisses show your softer nature. Your lips are where you express your love. Your kisses are not those of a cheap barstool.


You kiss from the soul. You write notes of affection in your kisses. Your kisses are deep (but not in a creepy way).


You will be followed by Virgos. They can read the energy of your kiss like a book.

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