The Strict Fathers of the Zodiac

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As a parent, Taurus is typically quite determined and uncompromising.


Everything they say or do is the final word, and despite opposition, it is something that everyone in the family must continue.

In this approach, Taurean fathers can be incredibly coercive and may impose a great deal of regulations and restrictions in order to ensure their children's success.

Being enthusiastic in life is the only thing that matters to them in any way.


Hence, Scorpion fathers want their children to be passionate about something, and for them to achieve their greatest potential in life.

By nature, Capricorns are prudent and prudent.


Nonetheless, they may frequently give off the image of being overly demanding and harsh in their approach to caring for others.

Aquarians are generally extremely liberal. They neither intervene in their children's affairs nor attempt to influence them.


Nonetheless, their placid and seemingly ruthless demeanour makes them confusing, and their children find it difficult to connect with them in every aspect.

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