The Shyest Zodiac Signs

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Cancerians are shyest due to their oversensitive hearts.


This zodiac sign makes awkward actions like staring at their crush instead of conversing, making the situation awkward and unpleasant.

Virgo-borns are not easily affected by intense emotions, and even if they fall in love, they will approach them mindfully.


Being pragmatic, Virgos weigh the repercussions of speaking their mind. After realizing their words will upset others, they will become shy.

Scorpions are guarded about their sentiments and never hurry to act.


They wait for the proper moment and work hard to express their feelings. They avoid emotional baggage by stretching to approach their crush.

Introverted Capricorns often force themselves to express their sentiments.


Though talkative in social settings, they take a long time to make some decisions, especially when emotional.

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