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The Sassiest Zodiac Sign

Taurus are obstinate, sometimes to a fault, 


These earth signs are entirely unfazed by others and will tell it how it is.


Nobody has a sharper tongue and more self-righteous energy than Virgo.

According to Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and proprietor of Ryan's Astrology


Gemini simply desires to be friends with everyone and establish connections.

Geminis are all about gaining the favor of others, but Virgos' snark may be cruel.


Aries are controlled by Mars, which means they are action-oriented, thus they have no problem being sassy whenever they feel like it.

Aries can appear immature, so you'll want to sass them right back. 


Before making a statement or an action, Scorpios prefer to consider their options.

These water signs appear timid and reticent, but they are always observing. 

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