The Laziest Zodiac Sign

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Aquarians are so preoccupied with their inner world that they have difficulty pursuing interests outside of their own.

"Because Aquarians are temperamental and enjoy having fun, they avoid doing work they dislike."


This is acceptable if a Pisces works alone, but it can be annoying if you are their coworker.

Expect multiple follow-ups regarding even the most basic tasks. And they may enlist your assistance so they can observe their artistry in action.


Sagittarius is obsessed with having fun, which leads to inactivity when they are not out on the town. 

"Sagittarius values their independence, especially in travel and leisure activities."


They are easily stressed, so instead of paying their bills, they tuck them away in a drawer.

However, this does not preclude Libra from conducting business. "They work when they have the energy, but it is not their top priority."

Taureans enjoy a tranquil environment and will be incredibly productive when cleaning and organising to achieve this. 


"Taurus dislikes hard work, but they are able to carry out their crucial responsibilities."

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