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The Bravest Zodiac Sign

Capricorns are duty-bound and always motivated to complete their to-do list.


Ruled by the planet Saturn, their bravery stems more from a sense of duty or moral obligation,"


Libras have a tendency to remain silent and assume the position of people-pleaser

They will speak up for justice and utilize their brains and voice to combat any unkind behavior


As a sun-ruled sign, Leos know how to shine in every circumstance. 

These fire signs are self-assured and aware that not everyone will appreciate their strong personalities


Scorpios are covert, but if they perceive themselves or those they care about to be in danger,

this self-awareness, they can confidently and bravely handle any issue that arises,


Sagittarius, the zodiac's explorers and adventurers,

Like skydiving or swimming with sharks, their bravery is frequently centered on themselves rather than other people.

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