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 Taurus Zodiac Sign Lucky Color


Green is the natural color. It denotes progress and rebirth. The color Green invigorates Taurus and motivates them. 

 It is known as the hue of wealth and contributes to the acceleration of progress and success.

Since Venus rules Taurus, Taurus locals should wear the color Green.


Pink is associated with frivolity, femininity, purity, and playfulness. It denotes youth, excellent health, and the first love. 

As a result of the Venusian energy, Pink makes Taurus feel bright and happy. 

 It improves their disposition and encourages their loving and caring nature.


White symbolizes innocence, goodness, and modesty. It represents comprehension, insight, sensitivity, and spirituality. 

The Taurus lucky hue represents beginnings and aids the sign in launching successful endeavors.

 When the Taurus is surrounded by or wears the color white or cream, they feel calm, patient, and peaceful. 

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