Most Unfaithful Female Zodiac Signs

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Aquarius women like independence over authority. Being an independent woman, she passionately defends her beliefs.

But, with persistence and growth comes a predisposition to avoid tedious or dull situations.


Sagittarians are extroverts, naturally witty, and brilliant conversationalists. It sounds great, but charm and likability draw attention.


Geminis are smart, versatile, and gossipers. Gemini ladies change personalities depending on who they're meeting.

They adore gossip and will act impulsively to avoid boredom.


Scorpios are rarely sympathetic, caring, or empathetic. We initially thought that.


This zodiac sign cheating list continues. Leos follow. Leos are determined go-getters who know what they want.


Aries women betray often because of their impulsivity. Aries can rush into things without thinking.


Pisces women cheat the most. Pisceans are sensitive, empathetic, creative, romantic, and artistic.

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