Most To Least Mysterious Zodiac Signs

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The zodiac sign with the most mystery, Scorpios tend to have very powerful, magnetic personalities.


Pisces, like Scorpio, is a water sign with a reputation for being perceptive and dreamy. So naturally, they possess a mysterious quality.


Cancerians are people of few words, but their innermost emotions can be quite loud. Cancers are renowned for their keen intelligence and intuitiveness.


Capricorns appear kind, graceful, and warm, yet they have an inner barrier that prevents them from simply revealing themselves to others.


Aquarius, one of the most secretive zodiac signs, is the reserved one and even somewhat comparable to Pisces. 


A Libra is all about harmony, and they ensure that everything works out in the end.


Virgos are absolute perfectionists who enjoy doing things in an orderly, disciplined, and healthy manner.


Like Libra, Gemini are people-pleasers. They are pleasant to converse with, soft-spoken, and optimistic. 


Taurus is renowned for maintaining composure in all conditions. Being a sign of the earth, they are direct and, unlike water signs, do not keep too many secrets.


Relatively straightforwardLeo is a strong, joyful, and very straightforward sign. They are the most mysterious zodiac sign, yet in a very unique way.


Because Aquarius is a fixed air sign, persons born under this astrological banner have the ability to hold to particular beliefs and viewpoints with an iron fist. 


As the eldest of the air signs, Aquarius has a vast amount of expertise in the art of communication.


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