Most To Least Happy Zodiac Signs

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Individuals born under this zodiac sign have a very optimistic outlook on life. They are constantly cracking jokes.

Leo is a person who thrives on optimism and actively seeks it out. Leo will always find a way to look on the bright side of any circumstance.



They would prefer to be content as a result of avoiding conflict. For Libra, the pursuit of happiness is secondary to the pursuit of pleasure.

Sag is one of the happiest astrological signs. Just as they have a natural sense of independence and adventure.



As a result of their obstinacy, they are susceptible to depression whenever they do not receive what they deserve in exchange.

Taurus is a romantic, gourmet, and admirer of all things beautiful. This zodiac sign wants to feel relaxed and surrounded by pleasant experiences.



The inhabitants of this sign are constantly on the move. They are the most inquisitive and have at least two personas within them at all times.

This zodiac sign is known for its compassion, loyalty, and care. They have a strong maternal disposition, which makes them susceptible to depression.


By nature, Virgos are analytical and judgmental. They may appear innocent and charming on the surface, but their attention to detail is meticulous. 


The inhabitants of this sign are so potent that you can always sense their presence. 


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