Most Expensive Cat Breeds

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The Ashera is not as aloof as other cats, is quite loud, can open doors, and walk on a leash.

It is not uncommon to find Savannah cats swimming, splashing, and having the time of their lives in the water.



An outdoor Bengal Cat hunting on a branch of a tree. Bengal cats are an exceptionally intelligent breed with a leopard-like look.

Khao Manee

It is also known as the Diamond Eye Cat because to its all-white fur and jewel-bright eyes, which can be a variety of colours.


The Sphynx's lack of fur is the product of a genetic abnormality that has no effect on its requirement to be kept warmer than its furry counterparts.


The Persian is another well-known cat, notable for its fluffy fur and tail, flat face, and gorgeous eyes.


The Toyger, like the Bengal, has striped fur. Given that it is a hybrid of a Bengal cat and a domestic shorthair tabby, the similarity in markings is clear.


It resembles a subdued Sphynx. Thus, it might range from complete baldness to soft fuzz and coarse hairs.

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