Most Emotionally Intelligent Zodiac Signs

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After so many emotions, it's hard to return to normal life. Cancers are trusted when spoken to.

Cancer also helps others. Even if they have to listen for a long time without speaking, they will. They enjoy helping others.


Gemini is true to themselves. They won't hide their misery. They like not deceiving themselves. 

Geminis are emotionally intelligent because they take feelings seriously.


Librans can read you like a book without speaking. They just like people and nonverbal communication. 

They see what others require from their behavior. This instinct places them among the most emotionally intelligent zodiac signs.


Leos are proud, so you might not think of them as emotionally intelligent. 

Overall, their nature and desire to improve make them emotionally intelligent.


Pisces are empathetic. They always plan well and know what to say and to whom. Pisces can empathize with others.

Pisces is the finest choice for a friend who understands your life. Pisces worry about feelings, not identity or origin.

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