Most Emotional Zodiac Signs

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Cancers are highly attuned to their own emotions as well as the emotions of others, indicating that they possess a high level of emotional intelligence. 

Pisces are very attuned to their own creativity, and they have a tendency to feel emotions intensely. They are among the most sensitive of all zodiac signs.



Their competitive mentality makes them an excellent teammate, and they tend to take heartbreak and bad feelings very personally.


As one of the most emotionally expressive zodiac signs, Aries tends to wear their feelings on their sleeves.


Scorpios take everything personally and have difficulty with superficial talks (or people). 

While they tend to feel their emotions intensely, they frequently struggle to communicate them, which can leave them feeling lonely or alienated at times.


You may not consider Taurus to be an emotional sign because they tend to be somewhat level-headed.

Despite the fact that this sign dislikes discussing their feelings, they are incredibly in sync with their emotions.

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