Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs

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Aquarius is one of the most dangerous zodiac signs due to their propensity for concealing their true feelings.

7. Aquarius

It is nearly hard to know what flows through an Aquarius' mind.


This zodiac's natives will spare no effort to give you what they believe you deserve.

6. Scorpio

Scorpio zodiac sign usually forgets how they were treated. A native Scorpio always retaliates.


Social, daring, energetic, and hopeful, Libras hate monotony. They enjoy making a statement with their pranks.

5. Libra

But they sometimes cross the line, making them rather dangerous for those of us who stand in their way.


Pisceans, known as the original lovers, are the stuff of fairy tales. True romantics at heart, they can become infatuated with the concept of love.

4. Pisces

Geminis are relationship experts in both communication and manipulation. They are professionals in assessing people's needs.

3. Gemini

They are oblivious to the collateral damage they may inflict because they act before they think.

2. Aries

The aggressive and violent attitude of Capricorns can frequently lead them to be the most dangerous zodiac sign.

1. Capricorn

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