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Most Coward Zodiac Sign


If they make a mistake, they will cry and create a great deal of drama to distract from the fact that they made a major error. 

Libras are aware that they should maintain composure and accept responsibility for their actions.


Pisces are exceptionally sensitive, which can cause them to act scared. 

Instead of accepting responsibility when things go wrong, Pisces chastises misfortune. 


This zodiac sign's errors are typically the fault of others, except for themselves. 

They might be frightened when it comes to accepting responsibility for their own faults.


Virgos don't like going to locations where they're not the smartest person in the room because they dislike admitting ignorance,

which makes them afraid. How could you ever learn from your errors if you never accept responsibility for making them?


Taureans overthink everything to the point where it prevents them from acting. 

They must determine their feelings and come up with a solution, although it may be too late to apologize or make amends at that point.

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