Most Cold-Hearted Zodiac Signs

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Even when talking to you, they would rather talk about themselves than your life.

They rarely ask about themselves, but when they do, it's usually to collect information.


Cancerians are sensitive and moody. It's strange that the most emotional zodiac sign is also the coldest. 

However, because of their emotional nature, they experience many heartbreaks and learn how to harden their heart, even in self-defense.


They like thinking and creating. However, they are not emotionally stable. They value knowledge over emotion.

If someone unloads their emotional baggage in front of them, they will feel uneasy and would rather not listen to their sorrow.


Scorpios are powerful and passionate. There might make them aggressive, however. 

They hide their flaws with charm and enthusiasm. You may never discover their many secrets.


Coldest zodiac signs Virgos are meticulous and methodical. Practical, reasonable, and smart.

They are meticulous and need to take charge. They organize every detail. This can cause them to lose touch with their emotions. 

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