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Strange and Interesting Cat Breeds

American Curl

This breed started in 1981 from a stray who came into the lives of a couple. 

She later gave birth to kittens with curled ears. Behold! The American Curl was now present.


This hairless cat that resembles Yoda has become more popular as a result of movies and television shows.

So, despite the fact that they appear to have come from outer space, they originated from quite common domestic short hair.


Due to its diminutive size and extremely short legs, the Munchkin or Dwarf cat received its moniker.

After two feral kittens with the abnormality were discovered, this cat was created through genetic engineering. 


Photos of this feline with a menacing appearance, sometimes known as the "werewolf cat," have gone viral on the Internet.

Like most cats that don't look like cats, the appearance of a werewolf is caused by abnormal fur growth patterns.

This breed's peculiar appearance is the result of yet another genetic mutation.

Scottish Fold

The ideal Scottish fold has a rounded head and ears that lie flat on the back. 

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