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How to Attract the Sagittarius Man?

Be Positive

Strive to be a person who enjoys life and avoids spreading negativity. 

Have more fun and propose engaging in enjoyable activities together.

Fall In Love With Travel

Sagittarians dislike staying in one location for too long. Thus, you must enjoy travel and adventure.

The first time you speak with him, create a sense of mystery by talking about travel and the locations you've visited.

Don't Be Too Clingy

Sagittarius prefers a partner who is not possessive and who respects his independence. 

If you are in a bar, grab yourself a drink and inquire whether he needs one as well.

Always Stay Beautiful

Guys cannot refuse attractive ladies, and a Sagittarius man is no exception. 

Sagittarius prefers women that are well-dressed, and sensual, but not overly revealing.


Sagittarius like smelling fresh and revitalizing. The aroma of citrus is suggested. 

Many Sagittarians will be drawn to your citrus smell. You should bring a tiny bottle of perfume with you.

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