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How It Feels When You're in Love, Based on Zodiac


You have an insatiable appetite for love and are a kind yet intense lover. You feel like a smouldering hunk of affection.


You feel possessive of your affection and are unwilling to give it freely; it must be earned. You have strong feelings, but they are hidden deeply.


You take pleasure in surprise and excitement, yet love throws you off balance. Thankfully, you never feel bored.


Since, as a Cancerian, you are virtually always directed by your emotions, when you find love you luxuriate in its warmth.


You, as a Leo, have a propensity to insist on being the centre of attention. But while in love, you become consumed with the object of your affection.


You fear that if you truly let go of your love, you would lose it significantly.


You continually show your love through thoughtful gestures and subtle emotional touches, but you feel off balance, as though your heart is a distinct entity.


You experience love and all other emotions with great intensity, and you tend to be possessive of the people you love.


Sagittarians are bright, vivacious, and optimistic. You are naturally passionate, so when you fall in love, you feel that passion intensify.


You intend for your love to continue forever, and you will do whatever in your power to ensure that it does.


Aquarians desire to save the world, but they sometimes lose sight of their own feelings in their pursuit of humanitarian causes. 


Being in love, you are devoted to the object of your affection. You feel ethereal and as though someone truly understands you.

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