How is the Lunar New Year celebrated?

lunar new year

Different Asian cultures celebrate the new year in unique ways

In Vietnam, where the Lunar New Year is known as Tt, revellers eat special meals such as Tht Kho trng (braised pork with duck eggs).

Bánh Chung (sticky rice cakes) and adorn trees with yellow apricot flowers.

On Seollal, the first day of the Chinese lunisolar calendar, families in Korea exchange presents and feast on rice cake soup and savoury pancakes.

Americans are most acquainted with the Lunar New Year celebrations in China, when dragon parades, boat races, and fireworks are held.

At the conclusion of the New Year season, the Lantern Festival features paper lanterns and tangyuan, a sticky rice ball delicacy.

In Asia, the colors red and gold represent good prosperity. During the Lunar New Year, many individuals wear red.

And youngsters often get red envelopes containing money.

Families will host feasts, clean their houses meticulously, and visit cemeteries to memorialize dead relatives.

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