German Shepherd History


The breeding history of German Shepherd dogs is fairly complex, with fluctuations in appearance, strength, intellect, and health.

German Shepherd: Breed Timeline

The breed as we know it today is actually a relatively recent development. 

In addition to being popular in the United States and, of course, Germany, these dogs are famous worldwide for their intelligence, flexibility, and remarkable loyalty. 

The standardisation of this breed did not commence until 1889. Max von Stephanitz, a German army captain,

chose one of the numerous shepherd kinds being bred to service in the military and the fields. 

He was a golden dog with grey spots who resembled a wolf and worked as a sheepdog.

According to his original owners, no training was required for him to herd the sheep; he was simply born knowing how to control the flock.

The captain bought the dog and renamed him Horand von Grafrath. He was the first German Shepherd, albeit he was still very dissimilar to the canines we envision today.

Von Stephanitz was also the founder of the first successful German Shepherd-centered dog club. 

It took only a few years to standardise the breed due to the regular inbreeding of Horand and his brothers.

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