Falling Out Of Love Zodiac Signs

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1. Gemini

It's a spiral. Returning to the same places will gradually change your perspective.

This week's First Quarter Moon in your sign reminds you to honor yourself more.

2. Virgo

Your polarising or complementary sign, Pisces, helps you balance yourself and your romantic relationship.

Pisces, often has planetary activity that portends a beneficial change.

Mercury entering Pisces is an example of when it can be more trouble than it's worth.

3. Cancer

You're already fighting to see if your love relationship can evolve with you.

This week, Pluto crosses over the last point of Capricorn and joins Saturn in Aquarius, revealing the answer.

4. Leo

Instead of a romance, you're preparing to say goodbye to a chapter of your life.

You've changed a lot in the past several years about love and relationships. You can also discover your relationship needs.

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