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If you enjoy a traditional bagel with lox and cream cheese, you will enjoy this protein-rich option. 

Smoked Salmon Sandwich

A traditional omelette is the best option for a savoury, nutrient-dense breakfast that offers a variety of flavours with each bite.

Black Bean Omelet

Choose corn tortillas over flour tortillas and you'll save half the calories while increasing your fibre intake by twofold.

Tacos With Bacon & Spinach

The days of missing breakfast are over, thanks to this recipe for delightfully savory baked eggs, which will make it easier to leave the house on hectic mornings.

Eggs With Mushrooms & Spinach

The morning is a good time to consume carbohydrates since your body will have the opportunity to use them for energy throughout the day.

Hash With Sweet Potato & Chicken Sausage

As delicious as omelettes are, their attraction can be rather double-edged. 

Ham & Cheese Omelet With Mushrooms

This meal is likely to wow whether you grab a slice for breakfast before rushing into rush-hour traffic on weekday mornings or offer it to guests for a casual afternoon brunch.

Egg Pizza

This dish is brimming with vitamins and nutrients, courtesy of a colorful and delectable variety of onions, sweet red peppers, summer squash, broccoli, and mushrooms.

Loaded Vegetable Frittata

When salads do make an appearance in the morning, they are often served as an accompaniment to brunch.

Red & Green Breakfast Salad

This tasty dish is worth the wait because it contains the protein and carbs your body needs to get started in the morning.


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