Dating Tips for Aquarius Zodiac Sign

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There is nothing that makes an Aquarius' heart beat quicker than an intelligent human opponent.

Stimulate the Intellect

The Aquarius is not one to wade through muddied rumours or assist with problems that have no practical remedy.

Save the Drama For Your Mama

They have no qualms about taking the initiative when it comes to unconventional thought. 

Be One Step Ahead (If Possible)

Aquarius need alone time, as opposed to just wanting it.

Embrace Alone Time

Aquarians are the oddest of the zodiac signs, which is likely why more Aquarians are inventors than any other sign. 

Support the Eccentricities

The skill of closeness is something that an Aquarius can greatly benefit from learning from others. 

Be the Warmth

Once an Aquarius decides to open up and trust a person, they will be unwaveringly loyal to that person.

Practice Golden-Retriever-Like Friendships

Naturally inquisitive and fueled by a love of learning.

Be a Sexual Explorer

They love honesty and will continue to value an honest individual,

Watch Them Spread Their Wings and Fly

rather than considering them to be weak and unworthy of continued connection. 

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