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Best Pet Ducks For Beginners

Welsh Harlequin

The Welsh harlequin is a domestic duck breed that emerged in Wales in 1949,

and is now the only domestic duck breed that can trace its origins to that country.

Khaki Campbell

They are just as charming and helpful as other ducks, with a lengthy and complicated history behind their formation.

They may lay up to 300 eggs per year, making them one of the greatest breeds for egg production.

Call Ducks

While being the smallest domestic duck breed, the call duck makes up for its little size with personality and charisma. 

These little birds resemble miniature versions of their relatives, with lovely spherical bodies and an almost affable disposition.

Swedish Duck

As their name suggests, Swedish ducks are a beautiful breed with jet black or powder blue feathers and a snow-white bib from their face to their bellies.

The Swedish duck is a magnificent bird with a robust physique and a voracious appetite to match.

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