Best Horoscopes for These 3-Star Signs

Star signs

1. Gemini

Since August, Mars has been travelling through your zodiac sign, leading you to focus deeply on your beliefs and needs in every aspect of your life.

As an air sign, you prefer to just spend a little amount of time with anything that is unpleasant or complicated.

You may have felt as if nothing was happening and you were unable to change your life on a whim.

2. Sagittarius

As a Sagittarius, Gemini is your dynamic sign, which means it governs all aspects of relationships and romance.

You are a fire sign and like to act swiftly, particularly when it comes to your passions.

But you are also a seeker, and your energy might be dispersed due to your constant need to find something greater.

3. Pisces

Gemini energy influences your fourth solar house, which governs your childhood origins, family, and residence.

In August, when Mars entered this sector of your life, you felt motivated to take action to alter the status quo, but nothing seemed to come together.

The parts of the jigsaw did not necessarily fit together, and you were taken back to a position of more isolation as you reflected on why.

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