5 Zodiacs Who Always End Up As Only Friends

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This sign seeks friendships with everyone. They treat everyone equally and readily bestow compliments, making it difficult to discern when they have a crush on someone. 


They will remain friends with a Libra since they believe this sign is out of their league and uninterested in a romantic relationship.

This sign prefers to move at a glacial pace in partnerships. They prefer to become friends with a person before pursuing a deeper relationship with them. 


Due to their familiarity with their dynamic, they stay a Taurus' friend even when this sign is ready for more. They prefer the status quo and are opposed to any changes.

This symbol is really kind and caring. They will go out of their way to be kind to everyone in their lives, which may backfire.


Others begin to view them as family members as a result of the countless favors and compliments they provide without demanding anything in return.

This sign has a tendency to fall in love with everyone they encounter since they are so trusting and readily attached. 


As they fall quickly and deeply, others are not always willing to be their companion. They may instead wish to be their friend. 

Scorpios are secretive. Because they keep their cards close to their chests, it's difficult to know what they're thinking.


As neither one will initiate a relationship, they will remain, friends, even if both are interested in something more. 

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