5 Warning Signs of A Bad Relationship

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You and your partner don't have to be identical. A happy, long-term relationship requires diverse but properties similar.

1. You two are very different people

If you don't sense best friends' spark and comfort, you may have a problem.

Without trust, your relationship will fail. 

2. You don’t trust each other

Knowing your partner has your back and tells you everything is the foundation of a strong relationship.

The relationship will be difficult if you can't be yourself around your lover.

3. You can’t be yourself in front of your partner

If you're always trying to look your best, this relationship could be catastrophic for your emotional well-being.

Make sure you agree on living arrangements, finances, and job objectives.

4. Your goals are very different

"We'll cross that bridge when we get to it" won't work if one of you wants a live-in relationship but the other desires marriage.

It's a bad sign for your relationship's long-term prospects if you and your partner consistently undermine each other's hopes.

5. You are not supportive of each other

However, a little argument here and there is very acceptable in any relationship.

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